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Instant Coffee - Acacia

Enjoy more coffee, more life… on the go with our sweet, fruity profile of the Ethiopia Acacia that carries a balanced, lemon, cane sugar, creamy body.

Our Crafted Instant Coffee is hand-roasted, small-batch brewed and preserved for your journey -- ready to be brewed wherever and whenever. A week’s worth of premium coffee in your pocket! Our fresh roasted coffee is ground, brewed, and carefully freeze dried to remove all moisture while preserving the delicate flavor, aroma and body that makes this coffee unique. The resulting powder is sealed in packets and packaged into the tidy little 6-packs about the size of a beverage coaster. Keep a pack in your glove box or a single in your shirt pocket.

Add one packet of Oye Craft Instant Coffee into your mug or tumbler along with 10 ounces of hot or cold liquid (water, milk, or milk alternative), stir, and drink up.


Makes 6 cups of coffee.


How to Use Oye Instant

Instant is a simple and versatile product. It has the same complex flavor and caffeine content of a regular cup of coffee, but can be made as strong or weak as you like (and can be dissolved in both hot and cold liquids).

Here are a few of our favorite uses:

Drip Coffee

For a classic cup of coffee, reminiscent of what you’d get in one of our cafes, add 1 packet of Instant to 8oz of hot water, stir and sip.

Iced Coffee

The trick to great iced coffee is the dilution. Add one packet of Instant to 4oz cold water, stir vigorously until fully dissolved, top with ice and enjoy. 


Though it’d be tough to re-create the silky micro-foam that you find at our cafes, instant is the best option for recreating the strength and flavor balance of espresso, without an espresso machine. Add 1 packet of Instant to 8oz of hot milk or milk alternative, stir to dissolve and enjoy!


However you sip on-the-go, we took our time with this. The coffees have been sourced and roasted with great care and carefully processed to preserve what makes a cup of Oye Coffee darn good. We put in the hours to make it great, so all that’s left is for you to enjoy.

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