Wush Wush

Dragon fruit, Arnold Palmer w/ Honey

Motherland joy coming from the Wush Wush village, in the Keffa region of Ethiopia, boast sweet fruits and florals that jump out of the cup. This coffee stood out to us as a refreshing, pleasant tea-like aromatics and lingering sensational notes.

For the Red Honey Process under Dimkalem’s care: Coffee cherries are sorted, very slowly pulped (with maximum mucilage content), and fermented before being moved to shaded drying beds for 4-5 days.

Fun Fact: While in Montreal, "Wush Wush" was the first coffee Ade Oye tasted that unlocked his aromatic portal into the coffee world.

Origin: Ethiopia

Roast: Light

Variety: Wush Wush

Process: Red Honey

Region: Ginbo Keffa

Producer: Dinkalem Ademe

Elevation: 1,850- 1,950 meters above sea level


Ethiopia has its own mystique, and the Western region of Keffa is no exception! In the town of Wush Wush, Dinkalem’s washing station is one of the most cheerful lots shared between Dinkalem and his wife, Sofia, for the area. Together they are a kind of power couple: she organizes charitable work such as educational sessions for children and food distribution to disenfranchised Keffa people, and he runs the coffee business in two locations (one in Wush Wush and one in Dinbira for washed and natural-processed).

Dinkalem is proud to produce mostly very high-end coffee. His washing station in Wush Wush is 6 years old this season and sits on two hectares, with long drying beds stretching to the far reaches of the property, which is bordered by the glorious forests so characteristic of Kaffa. The nearby Agama River provides water for washing through the serpentine channels at Dinkalem’s washing station; after coffees have been pulped, fermented, and washed, they are placed on the drying beds to reach optimal moisture content.

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