La Pastora

Mixed Berries, Cocoa, and Jasmine

In Tarrazú, you'll stumble upon the CoopeTarrazú farms where the most famous coffee region of central Costa Rica connects to the nearby Pirris river which provides water to the highland region -- making it perfect for coffee production and other types of agriculture. The mountains are part of the Talamanca Sierra, which runs through Costa Rica and Panama.

Origin: Costa Rica

Roast: Medium

Variety: Caturra, Catuai 

Process: Fully Washed

Region: San Marcos de Tarrazú

Producer: CoopeTarrazú

Elevation: 1,500 to 1,800m


La Pastora is one of CoopeTarrazú’s classic blends. The the growing region for the La Pastora blend is the mountainous Tarrazú canton in the San José province

In 1960, 228 smallholder farmers in the Los Santos de Tarrazú region united to collaborate and overcome coffee production challenges and to access wider markets. More than 50 years later with over 4,000 members, CoopeTarrazú is now the largest cooperative in Tarrazú. 

In 2006, the cooperative established the Coffee Culture Quality of Life Sustainability Plan. Through this plan, the cooperative aims to track their environmental impact, implement better practices and create a culture of environmental awareness. As part of their strategy to increase productivity, CoopeTarrazú offers various training programs for its members and engineering visits to farms.

Through the Quality of Life Sustainability Plan, CoopeTarrazú provides free soil analyses to members. These customized soil analyses show farmers the impact of the surrounding ecosystems on their soil. In turn, coffee growers learn to adjust their practices according to their specific soil needs.

CoopeTarrazú has also invested in organic fertilizer to supply the cooperative’s producers. Erosion has greatly affected productivity and their organic fertilizer helps restore soil health.  Additionally, CoopeTarrazú is collaborating with various partners to trial new varieties that can offer higher productivity, disease resistance, and in particular, quality cup scores. QA




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